Choosing the tablecloth for the Christmas table

Tips for choosing the Christmas tablecloth

The Christmas table is special, more than most of the other celebrations of the entire year. Therefore we dressed with luxury, with elegant tableware, glassware pristine, and centerpieces filled with flowers, fruit and even green branches.

But all that is at risk of being lost in anything if we do not choose the right tablecloth.
How to make the best decision?

Tablecloth Christmas dinner must be in impeccable condition, without patches or patches, no stains, but clean and well-pressed. You can use any color, depending on the overall decor and theme to choose the setting from the tablecloth itself.

If you rent tables, chairs, dishes, inquire about renting linen with cloth napkins. But the ideal would be to use your own: if you have one selected, but with some detail or stain to the center (which is quite common) can wear it with a table runner that scroll, decorate and hide your details.

If just unsightly tablecloths printed for the Christmas theme, go to the silks and look for deals on the market. As they are often a fairly simple rectangular or square piece, no more than a hem on the sides, you can do your Christmas tablecloth measurement using genres lot of polyester, that is not easily wrinkle and can be washed without inconvenience . Choose one red, green or white, and with a piece of the same material but in a different color, make a folder or a table runner to decorate (eg red tablecloth and green path table).

Shapes and dimensions of the tablecloth for Christmas

Tablecloth Christmas dinner should cover the entire surface, either a table or two together. If something is extensive must use two tablecloths, preferring two are exactly alike and well placed at the center of each table, and then unite and hide the edges with a road or centerpiece, or trays of food.

Ideally, the fabric should hang 4 sides in equal sizes from 30 to 40 centimeters. Less would be sloppy, and would be uncomfortable and dangerous: to sit or stand, diners could drag and cause a disaster.

The best material for a tablecloth

Although exquisite pure cotton tablecloths, embroidered or hand-painted and others, recalls the practicality of modern life. If you’re buying a tablecloth, choose one easy to wash, stain-proof, resist rubbing and food you will serve.

There are genres load of polyester and synthetic fibers having a sensational appearance (and not plastic, as happened once). Take advantage of them to be simple to maintain and iron it is not necessary prior to reuse in your meetings.

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