Choosing the plantation according to season

Notodas species can be planted freely throughout the year. Some have the characteristics of planting in the hot season, while others are special to plant during the cold season. The same applies to the transplant.
Fortunately, here we have some tips to ensure proper planting for the most common varieties.

Called annuals that do not expire with the arrival of autumn, the beginning must be planted or sown in germination and then be placed in the optimum place of residence at the appropriate time. Other varieties accept a sown directly on the ground, and require a more accurate determination of timing for planting.

For example, the bulbs are to be planted when spring and is noted as not cold. In this way, we ensure that the earth has no sudden temperature changes and always stays warm to warm. This is the case of gladioli and dahlias.

Unlike these bulbs, flowering plants allowed planting in colder times. For example, bunnies, carnations and daisies can be sown in autumn and winter without problems. Other bulbs spacious allowed planting flowers in the winter, as freesias and lilies.

Late winter is the ideal place to plant attractive species, like the wallflower, the baby’s breath, the evergreens and zinnias time. For its part, the portulaca, the lilies and cannas, among others, require slightly higher temperature, so it must be planted and come spring, before the heat is installed at all.

Nasturtium, the forelock, carnation and clavelina, among many others, require good temperature for planting, which can be sown and cultivated even in January and February.

With this data, you’re sure to determine the best time to sow and germinate and then watch the most colorful, cheerful and showy plants develop, to create a beautiful garden with great simplicity.

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