Choosing the location of the plants according to the sun and humidity

Sitenemos a large garden, we project it or design it according to the details of the terrain. But if we have a terrace, balcony or roof, we must also ensure proper design of garden equally, or even more specifically, given the trajectory of the sun, exposing the area to direct sunlight, and other details like wind and moisture condensation of the place.

Here we have to consider the type of plants or species, and climate details, so to speak, the site in question, either a roof, a terrace, a balcony or window.
Knowing both aspects, we must determine the location of our potted plants to prevent spoilage, or suffering, too, that the structure or site of the damaged container garden.

There are varieties that resist more direct sun than others. A Quick Guide to settle the matter is to know: the plants with leaves of two colors (green and yellow variegated calls) need more light than thin green leaves. Flowering plants require medium or low sun exposure, while xeric or related varieties need much direct sunlight.

Also keep in mind that the plant should receive the sun from all sides. Once a week, for example, you can rotate on its axis pots a quarter turn, for over a month all sides have received the same amount of sun.

Note the wind or air currents, create green barriers to protect the weaker plants. You can do this by placing on the sides of your container garden, more resistant varieties and hardwoods.

Consider the climate of your city to determine the most appropriate kind of pots. Plastic pots are usually frozen and broken in winter, and retain more heat in summer. Also note the details of the balcony or roof terrace: If you have tiled floor, humidity can not represent a threat. However, if the floor is wood, or deck, you should try a system of retaining moisture to drain the pots, either a drawer or under drawer, saucers under flower pots or another.

With these tips, your container garden is to keep flawless throughout the year. It’s time to design it!

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