Carolina Allspice

Carolina allspice Calycanthus Floridus aka grows in the Appalachian Mountains in eastern North America and also in the Smoky Mountains in the southeastern United States. These shrubs are known for their unique fragrance that is light but strong enough to perfume the entire yard or the surrounding area. What is even more fascinating of these plants or shrubs is that not only are deliciously scented flowers but even the leaves are aromatic and pleasing to the senses.
Grow at a faster pace and grow anywhere between four and eight feet high and when the flowers of these shrubs bloom fill the air with their wonderful fragrance. Are you wondering why this shrub called Carolina allspice? Well, Carolina because his native North Carolina and allspice, because her scent is unique and the leaves and flowers have more of a spicy aroma unlike other flowers. It’s like a sweet spicy aroma that makes it quite unusual when compared with any other shrubs and bushes. And that is one reason why these shrubs are also known as sweet bush and common names include sweet shade and sweet flower or bubby bubby. The fragrance is hard to describe because it has a unique fragrance and a way I could describe its fragrance is that it is something like a mixture of pineapple, banana, strawberry fragrance, add a little spice to her touch and better I could describe it, fruity and spicy.

Carolina Allspice Data

Before you go ahead and consider how to grow this shrub, take a look at the characteristics of the plant and summarized some interesting facts about Carolina allspice.

This is very important! Carolina allspice should not be confused with the allspice tree or plant, berries are used to flavor foods. Berries are poisonous in nature, and although natural, should not be used as a food seasoning.

As the flowers are colored and have a fruity strawberry smell, are nicknamed as strawberry bush or scrub.

Rub the leaves in hands also releases a spicy aroma.

They usually grow to 4-8 feet tall and could also grow to a height of 10 feet.

I do not know how true this is, but it is said that before the days of liquid soaps and deodorants, women used to place flowers on their dresses for fragrance and one of the nicknames, the bubby flowers originated.

Besides the strawberry, also appear in colors like dark brown, burgundy and bronze, even.

The shrubs are deciduous in nature.

Growing Conditions

Carolina Allspice is a perfect choice for foundation planting shrubs. Although the flowers of the same may not be very striking, the only fragrance infused into the air is something that makes these shrubs to be eligible to be grown in gardens and also the fact that one does not have to wander the mountains in search of it, the seeds are easily available in nurseries and is easy to grow. A temperature ranging from -25 F to 30 F is tolerable by Carolina allspice bushes and those living in areas with such temperatures can grow in your garden. Does not require much sunlight can grow in both total or partial shade. Soil pH ranging from 6.1 to 7.5 is most appropriate for these bushes and requires daily watering only once every two days or less, and in times of drought or extremely dry condition.

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