Caring for the lawn

Caring for Your Lawn Garden All Year

To care for the lawn, we need to invest some time in their maintenance. Dedication is vital for the enjoyment of self and others is wonderful. Among the tips to keep your lawn can be found: irrigation, seeding, fertilization, airy and eliminating pests.

To have a beautiful lawn all year, it must do some planning to be responsible for maintenance, especially in areas with warm climates. There are some species such as fescue, which require a higher annual treatment.

So, first you have to know the terrain, how much sun you have each day (summer and winter), set the timetable for irrigation or cut, etc. No need to hire an expert in gardening, you can just make a good point and seek reliable information.

Lawn care tips

There is no doubt that having a beautiful lawn and well maintained is synonymous with nature, softness, freshness, peace and tranquility. Lie on the ground looking at the sky or resting in a well dense green mattress is the dream of many.

There are people that minimizes turf care not to spend, however, one must know how to fertilize and water efficiently to get incredible results. You can enjoy a green carpet at home and take advantage of all its benefits, whether in summer or spring and also in autumn and winter.

You’re probably eager to fertilize the lawn all the time, especially when it starts to get hot. But be careful, because if you add too will bud quickly. What’s wrong with that? In view, nothing, but it will become a lawn vulnerable to weeds, sun and pests. So, better pay and then water sparingly to get more out of the product.

Note that to have a good lawn in the garden weeds may not be welcome. What they seek is always fill the gaps that leaves the gravel, so it is advisable to plant on all surfaces, emphasizing the least populated areas, and not have things so easy.

How to mow lawns

Everything will depend on the species you’ve planted. Experts say it is best to cut the grass when the sun begins to warm, that is, in late winter and early spring. Then, the frequency is every two weeks at least.

When the heat is already more remarkable, beginning the summer months, it is best to cut each week or ten days. If you live in an area where it does not rain too much at that time, do not leave the lawn short, as it can not retain moisture. Let high enough to prevent the roots starve, but short time to look good. Consistency is the key if you want to have a beautiful lawn.

Beyond the above, to take care of the lawn need to know the basics of pruning or cutting. First clean the area with a rake in order to remove stones, sticks, wires, etc. So, you are sure not to hurt or break the mower, and the blade will break down, you’ll get a good hit and hurt. Remember the most vulnerable areas: feet and ankles. As an added tip, do not cut the grass when it is wet, or by rain or by irrigation, because you will damage the ends and the machine will do filling.

Caring for the lawn in 5 steps

1. Parting: The first steps to lawn care is cutting. This means changing the drawing or design (address) of the grass to thicken and the roots do not always press for the same side. Reduces the stem to 5 cm long.
2. Fertilizer: The subscriber is also vital to have a nice lawn. Since the bucking removes nutrients, the need to provide some way. As spring begins, you must pay approximately every month.
3. Irrigation: It has been quite talked about, but do not forget that the frequency depends on the humidity and ambient temperature. When the lawn needs water you will notice that it will change color to a dull tone.
4. Weed control: This task is essential to enjoy a nice lawn. You can win this battle with the right tools and above all, persistence. Note that the clubs or the margaritas are weeds, but remain beautiful in the garden.
5. Scarifying and aeration: These procedures are part of routine care for the lawn. The roots need air to breathe and grow. With a rake beam holes and filled with some sand. It will turn to kill weeds.

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