The brick has traditionally been viewed as a building material and used mainly for the construction of resistant walls that were later covered with other materials, until the mid-nineteenth century began to be used as a finishing material for the facades facades leading to calls brick. Today the brick facades are one of the most common constructive solutions for coating and finishing of the facade of a condominium.

The brick facades of the communities use a special type of brick (face brick or type V, also known as vitrified bricks or clinker brick) characterized by its high resistance to water and compression.

They are special clay bricks, machined and baked at a temperature virtually eliminates all porosity. Require the use of special mortars for placing and offers various endings: stoneware, glazed, rustic
between injuries that can occur in brick facades in the communities of owners treat injuries fouling here practically inevitable injuries facades communities but sometimes, due to the color of the brick, they are difficult to discern. Such injuries originate either by deposition of particles adhering to the front, or by the so-called differential washing, or what is the same, the dirty and clean rivulets that form as a result of concentrated water runoff on all in flashing and trim.

Once existing in the atmosphere particles are deposited on the facade of brick, rain water pushes into the pores by capillary action and when the pore is filled is when dirt appears on the facade. other cases, poor maintenance of certain elements of the brick faade, such as railings terraces, metalwork or elements of pouring water, causing rivulets of dirty water running along the facade causing dirt bricks the facade.

The actions to be taken in the brick facades of injuries fouling communities are fundamentally periodic flushing, usually by techniques hidrolavado low pressure, waterproofing of the facade and general waterproofing of the facade. For differential injuries facade cleaning service is performed by acting on the internal properties of the facade (texture and geometry), replacing the finishing material new or keeping the old but with a new layer of surface finish and creating elements of transition between different inclination plane (drops and flashing).

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