Seismic BRICKS

The seismic bricks, also known as self-centering brick is one of the innovations in the field of construction and major building in recent years, although in Spain and possibly due to the crisis in this sector has not had great impact, but if Sites such as Columbia where he has been a great revolution.

The seismic brick Seismic BRICKS by Seismic BRICKS Villamarin Mora Madrid in 2007 but failed to patent until June 2011. The seismic bricks are basically solid brick or seen for the construction of walls, walls or partitions of all types of buildings, which its upper face has two frustoconical and on its underside recesses six steel rods to insert into the recesses of the lower brick aimed at achieving the correct position of the antisimicos bricks and increase strength.

Furthermore, antisimicos bricks, at the corners of its lower face has four legs that allow maintaining separation between bricks and the correct level of the same and which can inject any type of mortar serving also contributes to binding greater resistance.

Originally made from cement and sand, the seismic bricks are capable of supporting 10,000 kilos of weight compared to 500 kilos enduring a normal brick and others have benefitsof encastrarse perfectly between them and reduce the time needed to place the bricks, facilitating placement. But besides this system of bricks antisismicospermite significantly increase resistance to lateral thrust and the demolition to the point that the walls built with bricks antisimicos are practically invulnerable to destruction, push, expansion or vibration of a possible earthquake.

We report here a short video on the seismic bricks and positioning system. Perhaps in modern times in which the brake on the construction sector and its conversion to the field of rehabilitation, seismic bricks do not have too much Seismic BRICKS However it seems certain that the seismic bricks could revolutionize the world of construction, in fact there are several countries that have expressed interest in the seismic bricks and Colombia country that has obtained an international certification of its seismic properties.

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