As rotate the plants in a garden

Notodas plants behave like or need the same nutrients from the soil. Some species prefer a particular type of nutrient and other different one. Even some species help to achieve a more fertile ground.

Rotate plants in the garden is a very important task because:
– Avoid the appearance of pests and plants sick.
– Prevents the often sick.
– Maintains soil fertility.
– It gives us the possibility to get good crops all year round.

Crop rotation is to change the location in which each species planted in the garden.

An example of rotation would be: in the same piece of land, first planted tomatoes, cabbage then switched on the next time by chard lettuce and then, to start over with tomatoes.

If you always sow the same plant on the property, this will consume all the nutrients and each year that passes, the land having no more nutrients needed for such exemplary plant, crops will be poor and shoddy.

Rotation is a simple way to maintain the fertility of our land and not tire her.

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