As perfume the garden with shrubs

Shrubs not only provide a beautiful and abundant foliage, but can also fill perfume around where they meet their flowers.

Even in some species often they surprised us with a strong and pleasant aroma.
s flowering shrubs offer endless possibilities, whether we place in a garden or on a terrace we do, and have the advantage of being very resistant plants.

Here are some species that you can place in your garden, choose the most suitable to your tastes, intentions and characteristics of the patio.

Mimosa. This plant has a bluish green leaves and its flowers are as florarles ears of a deep yellow color and adorning the plant from winter to spring arrival.

English Ruda. Also of yellow flowers, but they bloom from spring to early winter.

Buddleja. Among their leaves some flowers appear as conical plume, blue-orange color and enter.

Lila. Begins to grow up, but eventually the branches begin to spread sideways. , A purple florets which are then converted into beautiful mauve or pink flowers of incomparable beauty When spring starts appearing.

Honeysuckle. Compact and yellow-red flowers that accompany all summer until early autumn leaves.

Torvisco. Beautiful specimen blooming in spring with starry flowers of white and pink colors.

Retama. Leaves with long petioles and yellow flowers that are grouped in hanging clusters.

Lemon Verbena. His rough leaves give off a pleasant scent of lemon when the scrub. Its flowers grow in clusters and are purple.

Heather or Erica. Plant with leaves of a rare silvery, which make an excellent combination with its honey-colored flowers.

We can also choose to abelia, azareo, myrtle, azaleas, pittosporum we provide a lovely place for diversity of flavors that make it.

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