As a practical way to improve our garden

Sibien during the winter garden does not require much work or care, you can take advantage of this quiet time to make some modifications, repairs or renovations in their design.

These tasks can be carried out in the field, on the borders, on the walls or in trees.


the edges are broken or sloppy, we can rebuild with a row of bricks or stones with small natural color, which can paint before placing.

noticed some depressions or wells, it is best to add a little sand and earth to match the area and the grass grow back through it.
there are places of very dry ground or too much shade and where no grass grows, this will be an ideal space to build a stonemason. You just have to find out which are suitable for that type of soil and plants instead.


some of the shrubs have grown too and spread over the account, instead of pruning can be planted close together clematis (type of vine or vine) and let the foliage grow bush. Its flowers will give more volume and more color.

Between a plant and another you can be placed a layer of about 7 centimeters mulch to keep moisture and prevent the growth of weeds.

You can also divide the plants are overgrown and are drowning others, transplanting them elsewhere to make more room in the bordura.


the walls have several imperfections and do not want to paint, you can plant a vine that believing covering the go. The ideal plant for this work is the Santa Rita, giving beautiful flowers and not transmitted to the wall moisture.


the trees have grown too prevent the sun arrives at one of the species. Winter is the ideal time to prune them and give them a good way to their glasses.

The space under the trees can for plants or plant bulbs that accepts and develops in the shade busy.

During this time you can also use to improve the overall appearance of the vines or vines, fruit trees, build benches, etc.

Note: borduras are shrubs or plants ornaments that serve to separate areas.

Manure is a mixture of organic substances that serve as fertilizer for the soil and plants. It is also known as guano, compost and humus, among others.

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