One of the goals set by the new state housing plan is to adapt the system of aid to current needs and the limited resources Cubiertas for it establishes two lines of action are the promotion of rental and the promotion of rehabilitation and urban renewal. This plan has been established in August intervention programs one of which is the program promoting the edification rehabilitation.

The program aims to promote rehabilitation is edificatoria aid to finance those works that are intended for maintenance and intervention in all the common elements and proprietary spaces, residential buildings for housing (owners).

They may benefit from this program neighborhood communities whose buildings have been built before 1981 and meet the following requirements:

Surface 70 has built residential housing and Cubiertas the habitual residence of the owners or tenants.

Buildings with serious structural damage, which justify inclusion but do not meet the above requirements.

Buildings go entirely to rent, for at least 10 years from the receipt of aid.

Aid to eligible neighboring communities benefiting from this program are set out in three groups: a first group corresponds to aid for the conservation of the building (facade, roof and medians); the second group concerns aid to improve the quality and sustainability of the Community and the latter corresponds to aid for works related to the accessibility to the building.

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