Adding water features in the garden

Enel landscaping, water elements are essential to creating a perception of freedom, harmony and connection with nature. We can add these by choosing a few items, ranging from simple to high costs and low elements.

As we learned in how to, we can design our own artificial pond by the technique of excavation and canvas.
Also, of course, we can opt for placing a preformed artificial pond, which is a sort of pool designed for this purpose. This is a great way to add water to our landscape, as well as being a mirror of water, allows us to add waterfalls and fountains, giving a pleasant sound of water, very relaxing.

Another way to incorporate the water element of the garden is by pots and bowls. In them, we can create miniature ponds, forming real nice and very entertaining ecosystems. We can choose the pot or bowl to go according to the overall design of the garden or home, and we just try to give proper cleaning to enjoy it for long.

Artificial sources are ideal for our task of bringing water to the garden. Not only they make a very interesting focal point, but their performance offers a unique, relaxing and pleasant sound. We can build it ourselves or buy it in stores, wholesalers and factories, in the desired size, whether standing or placement in a corner or on stones and rocks.

And finally, we must try to take advantage of the corners to create elements and focal points that are both decorative and functional. Whether an artificial stream, a pond, a fountain or the selected item, always remember to keep it sanitized and circulating water (even within the same circuit, as with the source) to prevent mosquitoes and other insects placed there their eggs.

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