As mentioned in another article in this blog, the measures to improve accessibility and removal of architectural barriers have a series of grants for adapting homes in the community for people with disabilities of any kind or seniors 65.

While it is true that certain requirements contained in the Basic Document Safety in use and accessibility (DB SUA) of the Technical Building Code are difficult to enforce in the rehabilitation of communities of neighbors, the possibility of alternative solutions involving a improving the accessibility to communities of owners. This is laid down in the CTE: When applying the conditions of this DB in work existentesno buildings technically or economically viableo, if any, might reflect on their degree of protection, may apply alternative aquellassoluciones allowing greater suitability possible to these conditions.

And in this case conform to the procedure laid down in Article 5 of the CTE.

Understanding the requirements of the Technical Building Code regarding accessibility and barriers suppression when rehabilitation of an owners’ takes aim at facilitating access to and non discriminatory, independent and safe use of buildings for people with disabilities or over 65 years, it is important to know what these requirements and determine the viability of them in the rehabilitation of the residents.

In this sense in the Basic Document Safety in use and accessibility (DB SUA) of the Technical Building Code, the following requirements are set in terms of accessibility:

Measures to facilitate horizontal movement: Sets the minimum measures that should have horizontal circulation elements, including the itinerary to the housing to facilitate accessibility and eliminate barriers: minimum measures that must be the gateway to the homeowners The hall, corridors and doors.

Measures to overcome the differences in level: Set the conditions and characteristics of the elements of vertical communication (between plants) such as ramps, lifts and lifting devices that ensure universal accessibility.

Measures to improve security: Set of security measures that must be taken in the journey towards the houses such as handrails for stairs and ramps or signaling of isolated steps that can be found in the journey towards the houses.

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