6 Ideas for Christmas Lights Use the Rest of the Year

Ideas for Decorating with Christmas Lights Rest of Year

Here we tell you some great ideas for using the Christmas lights and decorate the home for 365 days a year, regardless of whether conventional or practices that once LED lights were used in wire today. Christmas Lights in winter and in summer, indoors and outdoors, placing them where their range of colors and combination of movements is more appropriate.

6 ideas for decorating with Christmas lights

Awnings or living room. Cut the outline of the letter of the name of your son or yours and your partner’s initials on a piece of wood 9 mm MDF. Using a drill, make holes in a central imaginary line, lowering the inside of the letter with a router if you prefer. With acrylic or latex paints, and then place the Christmas lights hovering leaving forward. The light bulbs that are not necessary for the canopy can be removed from the line.
2. Lights to give charm to your garden. Put them curled in the trunk of a tree in the corner little used by its obscurity, or perhaps hanging from the porch drainage channel in a cascade. When the night is warm, you light them to enjoy the outside, or to appreciate the improved landscape through the windows. Since it is not advisable to leave the lights in the snow, you can protect them with plastic sheeting if you prefer.
3. Create a spider of Christmas lights for the room. Use bent iron or styrofoam structures coated with the conventional form of a simple spider. Then place the LEDs copying the figure and Christmas Lights with small sections of plastic color wire cable (which is screwed, which usually closes the bags of bread). You can hang it from the ceiling of the room or hall for the remainder of the year, and replace the original for Christmas, if you need the lights for the tree.
4. An altar or gazebo with Christmas lights: If you got an event at home, like a wedding or a religious confirmation, you can create a kind of altar roundabout or central place with bars, wires and screens, and decorate them with your Christmas lights . You’ll elegance and romance at this point, you can remove the day after the event.
5. Decorate a mirror placing Christmas lights around the edges and just behind the mirrors in the hall or in your room, you’ll have an extra light and a chic touch to your more personal atmosphere.
6. Vases with Christmas lights: For a more delicate touch to your living room or dining room, buy good quality artificial flowers and replace the center one of the bombillitos of Christmas lights. To light them, they highlight the colors of the flowers, and serve as subtle Night-your evenings with friends.

And there is much more to do with these threads of light. Try creating decorative posters or whatever you want to make LED lights or conventional shine every month, in winter and summer alike.

Remember that there are hundreds of ideas you can implement your Christmas lights to use the rest of the year, your creativity is the only limit!

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