5 floors ideal for summer

Best Plants for Summer

When the nice weather arrives, our home enthusiastically acclaimed color, fragrance and beauty. Luckily we have these plants ideal for the summer, especially for those who have the gift of gardening, because more than once safe have seen their beloved species perish by insufficient irrigation and occasional forgetfulness.

But do not despair: you can have beauty in your home in the warmer season with these great summer plants easy to maintain in beds or pots.

Details on plants summer

These plants can be grown for the summer and stay well in ground beds or in pots alike gardens or balconies, and you can wear them easily indoors or outdoors. Attending the recommended watering cycle and sunlight requirements of each variety, and place in a conducive not have to move them along the day. Surely, lack or excess of sunlight is the main cause for which many of the plants summer you’ve had before perished.

Also it serves the estimated growth for Colmen not fully develop your spaces, also noting the size of the pot or flowerbed where ubiques. Finally, it understands that these ideal for summer species naturally perish with the cold, so you should watch your change with the return of autumn and winter.

Summer plant has been placed in a pot of adequate size with land drainage and well planned, and in a place where it requires sunlight will be much easier to maintain and almost do not have to attend to, except irrigation.

5 Floors ideal for summer

Some of the best plants for the summer, especially for those who often forget to take care of the garden, and for those living in apartments or small flats, are:

1. Dwarf carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)

You can get it in one or multiple colors, and grows to about 60 centimeters, according to its development. In general, you need a lot of sun and requires abundant watering, so you can set a home irrigation system bottles or other, if you are someone who forget their plants meet.
Depending on the variety, some are blooming throughout the year and other seasonally. Its leaves are perennial, so you can continue enjoying it past the heat. It is convenient pay them regularly, on land or water for irrigation.

2. Tuft, ideal for summer plant

Also known as Carnation moro or Damasquina (Tagetes patula), it is colorful and extremely brilliant in appearance. It is one of the best plants for summer and easier to maintain in small spaces. You need good amount of sunlight and withstands heat well, but remember to place it in a land with good drainage and irrigation reiterate properly, without letting the soil dry out completely and look with cracks, but leave it in moist soil .

3. Flower sugar

It is known as flower Begonia (Begonia semperflorens), and definitely ideal for summer, it is very strong and has great colors that you can combine to your liking. Growing form small clumps, covering the pot but without exceeding it. Resist the intense sun and are able to flourish throughout the year. But: remember to water them regularly or try a clay soil that retains moisture, and apply a homemade irrigation system if you are forgetful on that topic.

4. Plants ideal for summer: Lobelia (Lobelia erinus)

This beautiful plant summer will give away a delicate blue or white, stunning for any corner of your department or your small garden flowers. They need plenty of sunshine and warm weather, especially if it is wet. They take moderate to heavy irrigation. Be sure to place it in proper soil and ground cover to retain moisture.

5. The best plants for the summer: Petunia (Petunia hybrida)

Versatile and durable, will be great for your home with shades of pink, blue, red, white and purple, among some other options. It requires direct sunlight and well-drained land, because excess moisture is harmful to them. But: you need regular watering and good drainage, water accumulated in the pot.

These five varieties will give color, beauty and delicious fragrance to every corner of your home. Living in a small apartment or have no garden is no longer an excuse not to enjoy these plants ideal for summer.

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