10 floors to harmonize the house

Harmonize plants for home and Clean Energy

Nothing like good company seek to harmonize plant house and to live healthier. Inside and outside, windows, balconies, rooftops and even in the laundry room you can take this healing company, which will attract prosperity and peace to your home, and you will satisfy with only see them and appreciate their delicate fragrances .

Here you have a list of 10 plants to bring home to complement your garden, your kitchen, or to sow next to your favorite, those who already have at home and that give beauty to any space.

They accounted remember to thank their contributions with adequate irrigation, indirect sunlight, and a well controlled temperature, protected from extreme heat and extreme cold, or wind and rain that could cause them harm.

10 plants to bring home that can not miss you
1. Basil: Grass Witches is a great protector and cleaner household energy. Ideal to stabilize and attract love, this plant will perfume your environment, improve the flavor of your dishes and decorate a sensational manner. It is also said to attract wealth, so you can wear it in your office or in the studio.
2. Cactus: With its thorns and its enormous power, this is the plant that you need to drive away bad energy from home. Place it in the garden, the balcony or access, to prevent the negative enters your home and protect. You need lots of light, and water just enough.
3. Calendula: The daughter of the Sun is ideal for stability and conflict resolution flower, including legal and labor. Collect flowers to the exact noon, and take them with you in your meetings for peace and calm. At home you can have it outdoors or indoors, whenever you get a few hours of sun a day.
4. Fern: It is ideal to fight pains, melancholy, depression and negative emotions company, it is able to bring joy, while scare attacks (and plagues).
5. Peppermint: If you seek protection from envy, resentment and even evil spirits, this is the plant that you put in your windows and doors. Attracts wealth, it stabilizes relations, and cares of material goods.
6. Chamomile: One of the most powerful plants to harmonize the house, and to maintain good health. It is good stomach and physical soothing, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, sedative and disinfectant. The energy level is an energizing, powerful stimulant, it brings calm and joy.
7. Mirra: Ideal for clean energy and protect the house. Its aroma allows meditation, bless and consecrate its elements can smoke as talismans and amulets.
8. Romero: This is one of the most effective plants to cure home. Away attacks and nightmares, clean energies and harmonize spaces inside and outside the house. Place it at the entrances to prevent unwanted visits.
9. Ruda: This plant is able to repel curses, malice, envy and all kinds of negativity. It will persist as do its job when it expires will dry up, and you will burn and renew it for another.
10. Verbena: This is a sacred plant protection, blessing the home and its residents, protect property and production (labor, crops), attracting wealth. It also helps to attract love and achieve harmony.

Try to have some or all of these plants to bring the house throughout the year and in all rooms and suites, to have love, happiness and always being.

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