Why Overweight?

There is a reason that you are overweight or obese: you eat too much. I’m not saying overeating is the number one cause for overweight. I am saying that is the only cause.
I know it’s hard to read and even harder to accept, but it’s true.

Weight gain occurs when you take in more calories than you burn. In calories are determined by the amount of food you eat or drink. Calories burned are determined by your metabolism and your daily physical activity. Dietary thermogenesis, calories burned while eating and digesting food also add to your calories burned. If your calories more than your calories burned, weight gain. If the reverse is true that losing weight. Therefore, if you never ate more calories than you burn, you have never gained weight. If you never gained weight, you would not be overweight.

How I can lose weight?
Weight gain obezitate loss equation is determined by four variables:



And dietary thermogenesis,

Daily physical activity.

You are overweight obezitate obese because of the food portion. You ate too much and your body stores the extra calories around your internal organs, stomach, hips and ass. How will you get rid of the extra fat? You will start eating less. You will eat less calories than you burn and you will lose weight.

Eat less

Eat less weight loss is your foundation, but you could do more to lose weight and keep it off. Increasing your calories burned will be the icing on the cake weight loss. I probably should not have put the weight loss and cakes in the same sentence, but you understand.

If you increase your metabolism, thermogenesis your diet and daily physical activity along with eating less, you will become an efficient machine to lose weight.

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