Why do people start smoking?

Smoking is really strange for me. Why people do something that not only drain your wallet, but it kills your body over time with deadly side effects?

Why do people start smoking?

There are plenty of reasons to start smoking:

1) Peer pressure: This seems to be the biggest reason people take up the habit. The peer pressure is an incredible strain on children and people will do what they need to fit.

2) Look Cool: Although this is not as true as it was years ago, is still a cool to smoke aspect. The company smoking themselves are partly to blame for that, as do all they can to push along this ideal.
3) Stress Relief: People tend to fall into a habit, and we hope to have a cigarette to relax. In fact, actually contribute cigarettes to be produced.
4) Being Defiant Society tells us not to smoke, so people like to push against it to follow its own rules This seems like a silly reason to smoke, right. ?
5) They are easily accessible: You can find almost everywhere cigarettes. Although you can not buy them if they are under 18, many places still sell to minors children.

None of these seem like good reasons to me, especially when taking into account all cigarettes hurts your body. Unfortunately quiting is not easy, real will is needed. However, if you set your mind to it, you can do anything. Just remember that the more you smoke, the more time you take off your life.

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