Why Cut Your Body?

Last week a certain person who send me their dreams for professional dream translation told me she cut her body. I told her to visit my blog (about cut) and read all my articles.

Here’s your answer:

On the self-mutilation.
I read your article and understand what you’re saying something else but how do I make me pay for being such a bad person?

That is why I ask you in this article why cutting his body. Do you feel you are a bad person like her? A person who must be punished . . .

Or is the reason to cut your body because you want to feel alive? This is what else who has a similar problem told me when I started to translate their dreams.

She told me that she was so depressed and weak, as if dead. This is the reason to cut your body: feeling is still alive.

How are you?

You can leave a comment with your answer.

If I tell the story of the first person, you will be shocked because she is a victim of terror.

Are you a victim of terror it must be seen as a bad person Believe, since she is a victim of other people’s cruelty?

I can not tell the story of the second person, because I’m waiting for more details . . .

However, I think it is clear that reducing your body to feel that you are still alive is absurd.

Put your hand on your heart and feel your heart beats, breathe, jump, do something positive to feel your body and your senses if you want to verify if they are still alive, although this test is quite strange . . .

The real reason to cut your body because you are in despair, not knowing what to do, to listen to suggestions from absurd wild side of his brain.

You can justify this action in many ways, but it’s still going to be absurd, because what characterizes the absurd from start to finish.

Please leave slash and burn your body today! Fight against this absurd tendency, as it can only make things worse for you.

You can stop if you understand that this is bad for you and gets worse over time, leading you to greater despair and suicide, though at this point you say that refuses to die.

If you allow nature to be manipulated by the anti-conscience, your primitive conscience, will not have the opportunity to decide anything. The wild side dominate completely and you will not be able to control their behavior.

Maybe you’re already out of control . . .

Start writing your dreams and send them to me for translation professionals. I prefer the dreams sent by my readers, they know the basics, but even if you have not bought my main prevention of dementia and the scientific method of dream interpretation book, if you are a victim of free abuse I to help full for free, if you agree to let me publish his dreams and short biography in the new book I’m writing with examples of sleep translations.

You will remain anonymous of course – his example help other people with similar problems to understand how they can find relief translate your dreams with the scientific method, which works like psychotherapy, and you see in practice how the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams protects, guides and helps you in all its forms.

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