What To Put In Your Asthma Journal

How to know if you are about to have an asthma attack? The answer is simple and straightforward. Just pay attention to your symptoms.

Asthma rarely occurs without warning, so it is best to keep a diary of symptoms to assess their health.
His diary of asthma should be small enough to fit in your purse or pocket so you can understand everyone. Make it a habit to record everything that happens before an attack. Set the date and time when the symptoms began.

The first signs of asthma include persistent cough, chest tightness and fatigue. Others may experience sneezing, sore throat, runny or. Mild asthma is characterized by occasional symptoms that occur up to twice a week. In moderate asthma, these symptoms may be present more often and episodes can last several days. In severe asthma, the symptoms above is continued until the point that you can not talk, walk or sleep without being disturbed by asthma.

His diary of asthma should also include possible triggers. These are the things that cause an attack. Pay attention to your surroundings and take note of the things he did to determine what caused the attack. What is the weather on that day? What were you doing before the attack? Who were with you at that time? What was eating then? What drugs did you take? How often do you teach?

If you think your bronchodilator does not work as effectively as before or if your symptoms worsen even with medication, which could be a sign that you are not operating properly or is likely to have another type of medication. Discuss with your doctor. The doctor may recommend changes to your treatment. To help you manage your condition effectively, your doctor may ask you to use a peak flow meter.

A peak flow meter is a small, inexpensive handheld device that tells you how well your lungs are working. More specifically, it measures the peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) – as much of the air that can be forced out of the lungs. Every morning and afternoon, which allows you to measure changes in the flow of air from his lungs, discover breathing problems, will be notified of an upcoming asthma attack, identify your triggers, tell you if your medication is working is used, and determining when to seek medical help.

Indeed, the peak flow meter will tell you what is wrong and give you more time to act. Your peak flow readings should be recorded in his diary of asthma.

Peak flow meters come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all work the same way. How are they used? More on this at the 9 part of our series.

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