What Is Stop Smoking Injection?

You have been heard and tantalized about being able to get an injection and then be able to quit smoking?

The idea sounds great. Anyone who has ever tried to quit before I’d be able to go to the doctor’s office, getting an injection against smoking and then not want another cigarette again.

There’s nothing like a quick fix.
Unfortunately, quick fixes have a history of not panning.

A Florida company promotes quitting injection called SMART Shot. They claim to have helped hundreds of people to quit smoking. It also claims a success rate of 70-80. Which it is quite high for the industry quit.

The injection itself is composed of two different drugs, Scopolamine and Atarax. While the drugs are FDA approved, are not FDA approved (alone or in combination) as a smoking cessation product. In addition, clinical trials have not been conducted to see if the reported success rate is valid.

However, no work being done in a smoking vaccination. NicVAX called, is also emitted by injection. It is supposed to eliminate their need for nicotine by phone with the immune system to destroy the nicotine before it reaches your brain. Studies are underway, but as of now is not available to the public.

The problem with these injections of quitting is that addressing only the physical aspects of smoking addiction. And while this may be important, the physical addiction to snuff is not the closest difficult to overcome as the psychological aspects of smoking addiction.

A good quit smoking program incorporates both physical and psychological aspects of the program. An injection of quit going to try just one. Would you rather get help with small or big problem?

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