What are the signs of depression?

Depression is a disorder of mind that affects a victim in many ways. It affects your job, your depression emotions, your relationships and your physical condition, etc. Millions get affected every year.
Women, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Depression can be mild to moderate depending on the signs and symptoms. It also has many forms. If that is not you can damage greatly. These are the signs of depression:
1. Displays commonly suffer feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, he puts negative mindset about your situation and feel you no longer receive his mental state.
2. The interest in daily activities is reduced to a very large extent. Activities enjoyed in the past normal life does not seem nice.
3. Lack of appetite as a result of suffering could put on or loose significant amount of weight.
4. Poor concentration level, that suffers finds it difficult to concentrate on their work and often in trouble at work.
5. Loss of energy or fatigue.
6. Mourn no apparent reason.
7. Irritability.
8. The inability to make decisions, suffers it difficult to make decisions or could make wrong decisions.
9. Sleep problems is another sign, suffering from very sleep less than usual most of the time, occasionally I could sleep too.
10. Depressed person is considered restless during the day free.
11. Physical problems such as headaches, stomach pain or back pain.
12. Sexual problems, interest in sex diminishes greatly.
13. Thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts are also prominent signs of depression.
14. Negative approach to life.
15. Low self-confidence.
16. Socially inactive.

Signs of depression may vary from person to person. If more than 5 of the above signs appear for more than two weeks when you or someone you know, then help should be sought severe ago.


Common signs: loss of interest in daily activities, great ccontradad of negativism, decreased sexual interest, poor appetite and weight loss.


Common signs: fatigue, eating problems because of overeating, ccontradad significant weight gain.


The signs are: suffering is unable to differentiate between reality and imagination, hear sounds and imaginary imaginary objects considered to not exist at all, signs of schizophrenia.


Common signs: Changes in mood often changes his mind suffers from low to high very quickly, another alarming sign of manic depression is suicidal, suicidal in manic depression are superior to any other form .


Common signs are the same as major depression just a sign that is a bit different is that it interferes with the ability of the mother to bond with the newborn child.

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