Weight Reasons To Quit Smoking For Good

If a warning is looking to get you to quit smoking forever, you’ve found it. I’ve compiled a list of the cold facts about smoking, and the impact it will have on your life if not free of habit.

Here are some sobering statistics to start things:

– Worldwide, consumption of snuff causes more than 5 million deaths a year.

– Current trends show that the use of snuff cause over 8 million deaths per year in 2030.
– Cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States.
– In the United States, cigarette smoking is responsible for about one in five deaths annually, or about 438,000 deaths annually.

There is no doubt smoking is a murderer. On average, smokers die 13-14 years earlier than nonsmokers! That translates to 12-14 minutes to take his life with each cigarette! Each and every one of those cigarettes you smoke is what you closer and closer to an early death.

Some other reasons to quit for good:

– Food does not taste as good for smokers. When a smoker nasal cavity is under the effects of chemicals found in cigarettes their ability to taste the different flavors and aromas is reduced.
– If you smoke, your body will need more sleep than a nonsmoker. In addition, smokers do not sleep and nonsmokers
– Smokers are sick more often than nonsmokers. The average smoker loses July Dejar De Fumar day operation of work per year compared with 4 Dejar De Fumar for non-smoking
– Smoking makes people more irritable and argumentative, in part because the subconscious knowledge of the above points.
– A correlation was found between consumption of snuff and brain damage Dejar De Fumar premature senility
This is just touching the tip of the ice-berg. There are many more reasons to quit once and for all. We can know smoking is not healthy but helps to stop and look at these facts due to us to the reality of what we are doing to ourselves.

Hopefully this has opened my eyes and gave some additional insight into how smoking affects your life. Never too late to make a change . . . to quit smoking forever.

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