Weight Loss With Atrial Therapy

Auricular therapy is based on the Chinese west and theories related to the ear – that the various points on the surface of the ear (ear) are related to the central nervous system and corresponds to the different anatomical body parts. By identifying these nerve endings in the outer ear and stimulating massage for them and cauterization is possible to produce therapeutic effects in those parts of the body that are prone to disease. This technique has been shown to produce immediate results in weight loss treatments also.

Auricular medicine originated in China and has since been developed in Europe to reach its current state. The treatment uses our outer ear for analysis and treatment of problems related to different body parts. After years of careful observation, the Chinese medical workers have drawn over 200 sites in the ear associated with various diseases.

The technique used to achieve weight loss with auricular therapy is that it is possible to take advantage of messages from the brain to the body demanding for more food, which results in overeating. Effectively blocking these messages, it is possible to prevent excessive craving for food, which is a major cause of overweight. This is the only bio-energy and biomechanical approach treatment with auricular therapy, which plays a key role in effective weight loss.

Treatment is similar to acupuncture, pressure is applied to special points in the patient’s body with needles, but the difference is that here in auricular therapy, no needles are used. Instead of mild electrical stimulation is applied at multiple points in acupuncture. For treatment to be fully effective, the patient should see a calorie-controlled diet along with increased physical activity.

Having its roots in acupuncture treatment system and research, auricular therapy may be called the ‘Westernization’ of Chinese acupuncture treatment. The benefit of atrial therapy in the treatment of weight loss is that treatment has no side effects and most patients experience instant weight loss with one or two treatments. The therapy also helps achieve greater energy and reverse the effects of premature aging.

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