Vitamin For Hair Loss - What You Should Know About B, Ce

This article considers three vitamins for hair loss. When considering the problem of hair loss, diet and nutrition are important factors, as it is important to maintain a healthy supply of blood around the body that gives the hair follicles of the protein and the oxygen they need.

Vitamin B

B-complex tablets contain a rich variety of B vitamins for hair loss.
It is also good to take note of these foods that are good sources of B hair loss .



Green peas






Vitamin C

Vitamin for hair loss that should definitely be considered as part of the general scheme is vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps to capillaries, which in turn deliver blood to the hair follicles. A suggested dose is between 3000 and 10000 mg per day.

Vitamin C is a natural detoxifier and helps the body rid itself of poisons and impurities in the system.

Since vitamin C is not stored in the body is important not to suffer a deficiency if you are fighting hair loss.

Vitamin C increases the blood circulation and contributes to healthy cell and tissue growth.

Vitamin E

This vitamin for hair loss should be treated with some caution. As the increased intake of vitamin E can cause adverse reactions when combined with certain medications is advisable to consult a doctor before taking large amounts if you take medication regularly for other health conditions.

One suggestion is to start with 400 IU per day slowly which can be increased to 1000 IU daily.

As a vitamin for hair loss, E is effective in enhancing the peripheral circulation via oxygen absorption benefits for the scalp. Vitamin E helps the body’s immune function, which in turn stimulates hair growth is possible.

Interestingly, vitamin E has been used in the fur industry to promote the health of animal fur and is still used today in some pet supplements to support the health of skin.

Be aware that vitamins for hair loss are needed in your diet or as supplements is a step toward stopping hair loss and maintain healthy growth. Jonathon E. Phillips in his groundbreaking book Hair No More (see resource box below) includes information on the minerals and vitamins for hair loss as part of an overall scheme to treat the entire body.

This approach from the inside is crucial to maintain a long-term healthy scalp and hair growth. It is also much cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars on prescription drugs or lotions with dubious credit for success.

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