Vitamin B-12 - A readily available, essential nutrient

Learn how vitamin B-12 function in the body and how to ensure you are getting enough to keep your body going strong.

One of several essential soluble B vitamins the body needs water, vitamin B-12 does much to promote good health. It is the vitamin complex, since it is partially composed of cobalt, a metal ion.
Vitamin B-12 was first discovered in 1948 and is used by every cell to serve many roles, especially during cell respiration. Vitamin B-12 is found in many foods and has shown that the body can be stored for long periods of time. Although rare and avoidable, vitamin deficiency can cause serious problems. Because vitamin B-12 is so important for your body, it is fortunate that is readily available.

What is vitamin B-12 to make the body?

Body cells require vitamin B-12 to produce DNA, the genetic blueprint of all cells. Help in making red blood cells and the nervous system is concerned too. The nerves are protected by a fatty sheath called myelin, which is attended by the metabolism of fatty acids, caused by vitamin B-12. It is also important for normal growth and development and protects the body from various toxins and allergens. In addition, B-12 can help prevent cancer and help reduce PMS symptoms.

Where is vitamin B-12?

Vitamin B-12 is found in many foods derived from animal products. These include fish, seafood, meat and dairy products. Although research has been done to find vegetable sources of vitamin B-12, no significant dietary source has been found in the plant kingdom. Some plants, especially seaweed and algae, contain vitamin B-12 but due to other factors, studies have shown that it can be properly assimilated by the human body. Because animal products are the most reliable and rich source of B-12, it is highly recommended that strict vegetarians and vegans take vitamin and dietary supplement, to avoid a possible deficiency. An easy way to get your recommended vitamin B-12 daily allowance is a cup of milk and a cup of raisin bran or a chicken breast, boiled egg and yogurt cup.

Problems caused by vitamin B-12 Deficiency

Lack of B-12 can lead to serious medical problems. Fortunately, vitamin B-12 deficiency is rare and easy to avoid. It does occasionally occur and it is important to know how to prevent it, especially if your lifestyle somehow puts you at risk, as very strict vegetarians or people whose bodies absorb this vital nutrient poor. It often causes neurological disorders
and psychiatric. Symptoms include shaky movements, incontinence, muscle weakness, mood disturbances, and vision problems. Megaloblastic anemia is a blood disorder directly related to the B-12 deficiency. Both anomalies are the blood and can be easily treated with vitamin B-12 intake.

Vitamin B-12 is important to the body and easy to obtain, even if your diet does not include that for some reason. To maintain good mental and physical health, make sure you get a enough of the vitamin B-12 on a regular basis.

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