Useful Tips Skin Care

Healthy skin requires a personal work ccontradad. You have to make a real effort when caring for your skin, even making a habit of it. A healthy diet, sufficient sleep and regular exercise are essential for healthy skin.

To avoid going into the sun, and if necessary, begin applying sunscreen to protect your skin is damaged.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated.

Basically, your skin needs two staples: cleanser and moisturizer. Other solutions could involve exfoliator, toner and eye gels or cream. Avoid using more than 3 or 4 products daily to garcontrazar not suffer breakouts or skin reactions. Simplify your routine (should be no more than 10 minutes to twice a day) and using basic formulas.

Any woman can follow these basic skin care routine.


This is a fundamental step in caring for your skin, but depends on your skin type. Throughout the day, sweat and stale makeup, dirt, dust, grease and bacteria it tend to accumulate in your skin to be removed.

Soap and water tend to remove impurities, but are unable to completely eliminate up, properly cleaning is a must.

While through your favorite skin to clean the skin they should be massaged into the skin with a light upward and out of circulation, not to mention fat nose area under the chin, neck and lobes ear.

If you are using a damp cloth to clean first or raw cotton will absorb moisture from the skin cotton. You may need to repeat the cleaning process 2-3 times until the cotton, wool or tissue is clean.

You should also learn about the special cleaning tips according to your own skin type and learn about various natural beauty products, including cleansing creams and lotions.
(A) Steaming: Steam cleaning is beneficial for all skin types. It helps cleanse the skin of all surface dirt, stimulates circulation and cleans blocked pores.
(B) Massage: After a complete elimination of the wipers can now massage. Massage relaxes the facial muscles and energizes the skin. The massage should be done with clean hands, and should not extend beyond 5-10 min. Although massage, be careful not to stretch the skin.
(C) Cold Treatment: The last step is cleaning following application of ice cold water or masks to remove impurities and close the pores open.

All skin types can be treated with this procedure, but the products for skin care that everyone needs after routine cleaning are totally different. Finding your skin type will improve your chances of enjoying a healthy skin, because you will be able to choose appropriate to your particular solutions.

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