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Why do I have to know the different types of hearing aids:

The hearing loss was considered a serious deterioration few years ago but the modern age has developed a very efficient solution to this problem can come very easily for minor or moderate hearing loss problem by using different types of hearing AIDS. If your doctor has prescribed using a hearing aid, you should already have enough information that allows you to select a suitable tool for different types of hearing aids? Your audiologist usually help you make this important decision, what kind of computer headset will be suitable for Orejas Audiencia however, it is only that will make the final selection of the different types of hearing aids that would best match your requirement. Therefore, knowledge of the different types is very important before buying any hearing instrument.

Different types of hearing

Take advantage of advances in technology and research, various companies have been producing various types of Orejas Audiencia However, there are three basic types of hearing aids. These include

1. In the canal (ITC)

2. In the ear (ITE) and

3. Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids.

These different types of hearing aids mainly vary depending on various methods of production, but also in terms of different sizes, shapes and quality. Let’s discuss each type one by one.

Behind the ear hearing devices (BTE)

The BTE contraguos are the types of hearing aids. The BTE as the name implies are used behind the ear with a cable that plugs into a mold, which is carried within the outer part of the ear. A hard plastic case embodies the electronic equipment, and the sound is transmitted through the wire in the mold. BTE is usually prescribed for people with hearing disabilities of all ages, and can be used at all levels of hearing Orejas Audiencia minor hearing defects serious hearing loss.

Another type of BTE has been introduced recently, generally known as open fitting hearing aid. In these types of hearing aids still plastic case rests behind the ear, but instead of a mold as in the BTE contraguos types, a small tubule is inserted into the ear canal. The aid has been open red by many users as seen fit to open aid has significantly improved sound quality are set.

In the ear hearing aids (ITE)

Now let’s discuss the ITE. These hearing devices fit in the outer ear, but usually are not appropriate for children because they oftenly be replaced as the child grows. The electronics of these devices are fully enclosed in a hard plastic shell that rests on the outer part of the ear. Another feature of these devices is that they can be als with telephone that allows the user to use the phone very comfortable.

At the hearing devices Canal (ITC) and CIC

The third ITE hearing aids are the devices. ITC devices are custom made especially for the suite exact size and shape of the user’s ear canal. A very recent ITC is a type generally known as CIC canal completely on the device. These headphones are apparently hidden inside the ear canal. These types of hearing aids, however, are not prescribed for a very serious hearing impairment, because while these devices are aesthetically preferable, but because of its small size the power amplifier is not very high. ITC also is advised for children. There are many types of headsets designed specifically for your needs so you can hear sounds never like to lose, no matter what your hearing loss is mild or severe.

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