Trying To Your Natural-Do More

As regards cosmetics are very few women I can say no use at least one product to help enhance your natural beauty. However, products used are usually not very natural own. Most cosmetics are sold today are largely oil and synthetic derivatives.

Many women do not even realize that there are more natural cosmetic alternatives available. Other women who are interested in buying natural cosmetics on marketing hype about a natural or chemical free product and not look beyond advertising to read the ingredient label. Unfortunately, there is no regulation in the US around the phrase natural cosmetics. In most cases, the reality of these products may not be far from the truth. One only needs to look beyond marketing to the ingredient label to find the whole story.

Many women continue to use chemical and synthetic based cosmetics which could damage your skin and organs products. So, just what are natural cosmetics and why should you give yourself a natural makeover?

Since there is no official definition of the term natural cosmetics exists, in general, you can consider a natural cosmetic as one in which the vast majority, if not all ingredients are natural and not synthetic. The next time you put your makeup or taking part in your daily routine skin care, look at the labels of their products. Now most of the time will not be able to pronounce, much less understand most of the ingredients listed. Most of the ingredients in the middle of skin care cosmetics or color are filled unpronounceable synthetic chemicals. These chemicals can dry out or potentially damage our skin. When absorbed into the skin over time many of the chemicals used in common skin care cosmetics and are believed to have long term effects on our health.

The nonprofit organization, Cosmetics Campaign reporting safety of about 10,500 ingredients used in cosmetics, only 11 of them have never been tested for safety. Furthermore, the European Union has already banned the use and sale of 1,100 of these ingredients, while the USA has banned only nine! The principle that many of the chemicals used in cosmetics are believed to bioaccumulative meaning that are absorbed and stored in the body over time. With so many chemicals, and so little regulation and testing in the USA about its effects on the body, why risk it? Take your bathroom and more natural makeup!

Selection of Natural Products

1. Look beyond the marketing on ingredient labels. By using more natural products is the ingredient labels are shorter and easier to understand.
2. Search online for ‘safe cosmetics’ to discover what your current product safety and Ratings seeks Campaign for safe cosmetics’ list of cosmetic companies promise to use safer alternatives ingredient.
3. Finding out about the key ingredients to avoid. You can find a list of ingredients to avoid in doing a simple internet search for cosmetic ingredients to avoid.
4. Use online resources to find safer alternatives. Note that not all the safer alternatives are completely natural, but it’s good to check your products online with these security databases.

Application of Natural Products

There is no great mystery to applying natural cosmetics. Are applied in the same way as traditional cosmetics. If you move to a liquid or base must continue to use the same application technique as before natural cream. When applying a liquid foundation always use a sponge or brush base. This will help lay the foundation on your face without easily erase it out again at the same time. You should always use brushes to put the make up on her face and fingers can transmit bacteria and germs.

Many natural cosmetics are sold as loose mineral powder cosmetics. This form of natural cosmetics is the purest form available on the cosmetic market today, since in general formula contains only the essential elements to create an effective product with a wide range of colors. To apply mineral foundation remember to use a dense bristle brush like a Kabuki brush. Apply in a swirling or buffing motion and remember a little goes a long way! All other natural mineral cosmetics such as sight, bronzer and eye colors should be applied with your standard cosmetic brushes. There are many variations of mineral cosmetics. Some are not so natural. Again, do not fall for the marketing hype! Like all products with natural label, be sure to check the ingredient labels!

Finally, do not forget to clean your brushes. There can be millions of germs on brush makeup and can even clog pores and cause all kinds of infections. Always clean your make up brushes and equipment regularly and take your time in applying natural cosmetics to ensure that you end up with the best results.

Overall natural cosmetics are certainly worth switching to for the potential long-term health of your skin and body. Just remember not to fall for the marketing hype, read the ingredient labels and follow basic application tips and you should end up with excellent results.

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