Tips for Cat - Loving Asthmatics

You really have to get rid of our cat? Asked my patient with a vision of a tear in his eye. Your child, Samuel, was recently diagnosed with asthma and has been told that she must find another home for your cat. Sammy’s cat is his best friend and he would be devastated to lose him.

Cats are known to be a common allergen for many asthmatics and allergy prone people. Cat allergen is secreted by glands in the skin and is in cat skin and hair. Allergic reactions can also be caused by exposure to animal urine, feces and saliva. Common advice in the past has always been to eliminate the family cats. However, recent studies have shown that this can be limited to a decrease asthma symptoms value. Other studies have suggested that exposure to cat dander can also have a protective effect desensitization some people could prevent the development of allergies later cat.

Many studies have found that although cat allergen is, of course, higher in households of people who keep cats, significant levels were also found in cats homeless and in public buildings, including schools and offices. It is almost impossible to get away from cat dander, especially in communities with high levels of cat ownership, as allergens can travel in the air and clothes of others.

So what is an asthmatic to do? The solution is not always clear. The immediate benefit of eliminating the house cat may not be apparent for up to six to twelve months. Often the cat is a beloved member of the family was emotionally traumatic to lose. Most studies suggest that if there are no cats in the home, would be better not to have one. If you already have a cat at home, unless there is a clearly obvious trigger, it may be possible to keep it, especially if precautions are taken to limit exposure as much as possible.

Steps can be somewhat helpful to understand the development of asthma room a safe place where pets are prohibited. Removal of carpet and laminate taking or other soils can be useful. Asthmatics should consider using a mask when vacuuming and cleaning their homes. Give the cat a bath every week may be useful in limiting ccontradad of dandruff in your hair and skin, although this can be very difficult! High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters can be useful, although the evidence is controversial depending on the brand of filter. Certain types of air cleaners actually emit ozone, which makes the air smell slightly sweet, but really can be a trigger for many asthmatics.

Subcutaneous immunotherapy, often commonly referred as allergy shots, may be helpful in reducing symptoms, but can also cause dangerous reactions especially in asthmatics and should only be administered in a doctor’s office to . High doses of sublingual immunotherapy (drops under the tongue) has also been found to be effective in many cases without much danger of a severe reaction and may be beneficial for up to four to five years after completion of the series. Immunotherapy can also be very expensive and time consuming, since it generally involves two times weekly administration for up to three to five years.

People with asthma should ask your doctor for a referral to an allergist for further testing and counseling. Maybe it’s possible to keep Fluffy!

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