Theatrical Wigs

Wigs or toupees are a head of either human hair or synthetic hair, worn on the head to either for the sake of fashion, for cultural or religious reasons or to conceal or cover baldness. Actors sport wigs as it helps them better and resemble get under the skin of the character who is portrayed – many actors believe that look just like the character to be played is half the battle won. Makeup artists who find wigs are one of the best tools for working with hair as does much to change a person looks.

In the field of theater, wigs have been around way back from the times of the Greeks and Romans and theaters are an indispensable part of today’s theater and film. There is a wig making many companies that offer personalized services, including pieces designed either the highest quality human hair or good quality synthetic fibers. While fair hair of Europe is the preferred choice for most theatrical productions, Asian hair is stronger and tougher, therefore, is also bleached and used. Stage today wigs are jute, a fiber that is suitable for a perfect imitation of human hair.

Wig-is to make an intricate art that require ventilation or linking similar to the carpet knots, here only the raw material is very expensive with hair 1kilo costs around 2000. It takes about 40-60 hours to tie a Wig, accounting for some of the expensive price tag.

Props and costumes have always been considered the main aspects that bring a play to life, but the wig that infuses the character with life has never been given as much thought, although much attention and consideration goes into the preparation a. Some functions like the lawyer or soldier, or even the time when the work is in very easily identified by the style of hair or beard and wigs that make this easy identification. Needless to say, wigs are an integral part of theater and cinema.

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