The World Of The Most Famous Formula E = Mc2, and Prevention of Obesity Infcontral

E Obesity Infcontral MC2 is probably the most famous formula that the world has known. With it, innovator, scientist, physicist, mathematician and overall genius Albert Einstein had a number of factors into consideration and boiled down in his famous formula, which proved to be the key to calculate the ccontradad of energy stored in a given volume of the matter.

In other words, Einstein took many factors into account, consolidated and simplified them into a formula that could be used to build nuclear power plants in the future, and nuclear weapons to destroy.
His genius lies in his ability to organize, relate, consolidate, reduce and simplify disparate pieces of a large and complex puzzle, and to transform this into a suitable instrument for the benefit of mankind.

Keep it Simple Stupid

The same can be said of other great stories of innovators Gutenberg invented the printing press, Whitney invented the cotton gin that Thomas Edison invented electricity, Bell invented the telephone, for Gates and Jobs invented the modern world of computers. Each and every one of them took a multiplicity of yet the ideas are organized, they retired together, tested and retested combinations in order to validate their predictability and then expressed in its relatively simple and easy to use forms conclusions.

While Operation Throw your own weight is definitely not Obesity Infcontral E MC2, still represents a simplification of complex, confusing and often frustrating dilemma of preventing child obesity. How many factors about?

Let me count the ways

For starters, it is calorie VS calories, eat less and better and exercise more. Then you factor in life modern diet of fast food that is aggravated by working moms have no time to cook for their own children, and opt for McDonalds. Throw in television, video games and computer all conspire to make 21st century children are less physically active. Add to this list the constant advertising that brainwashes children craving sugary foods, lack of daily physical education at school, genetics and economy all played a role, and see things get complicated real fast.

Now let’s simplify

OPYOW the other hand makes a simple observation. Namely that children can do pull ups are never obese. Therefore, the kids can learn to physically pull their own weight, the more we have children who have been snatched from the clutches of obesity for life.

In other words, despite fast food, television, video games and computer, advertising, lack of PE, genetics and economics, show me ten children who can do pull ups and I will show ten children who do not are obese. That’s not to say that these children eat, or how much exercise plays no role. It does not mean that all these infinitely investigated parts of child obesity drama play no role. They certainly do play a role.

Actionable solutions VS Hand Wringing

Moreover, if we can simplify all this, wondering whether children or can not do pull ups, I argue that we have a clear understanding of the piece around which to gather the prevention of child obesity troops. We have something that can make a decision today, not next week or next year. It takes us out of standby mode and throws us into the mode of action. And as I am concerned I am in favor of reaching the stage of action ASAP!

Talk is losing the war. We have to decide on an action plan and implement it. If we do not, so the problem will continue to grow like wildfire raging out of control. Therefore, carry fire trucks now before it’s too late! Where is Einstein when we need it?

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