The Truth About Acne scar laser treatment

Laser treatment for acne scars is a popular way to remove acne scars, but it is an expensive procedure. Before applying for acne scar laser treatment, you should be aware of the different types of laser treatment available and the potential risks involved.

Acne scar treatment uses a high power laser beam to burn away layers of damaged skin tissue.
By inhibiting the growth of bacteria and reducing oil sebaceous glands, acne lesions can be treated successfully. Laser treatment can be very effective for certain types of scars and acne can significantly improve the appearance of the skin, but is not a magic cure that eradicates acne scars overnight.

There are two main types of lasers used in acne scar laser treatment, namely ablative (through) and non-ablative laser. Ablative laser burn scar tissue away from the heating and removing the top skin tissues to stimulate the skin to reinforce, so that it can be less visible scarring.

This type of laser treatment is used to treat keloid or raised scars by flattening and reducing itching preventing skin redness. However, ablative laser resurfacing skin damage during treatment and red skin can remain for several months.

During the healing period, care has to be taken not to infect the wound. The procedure usually requires multiple treatments and the results will only become apparent over a year after the last laser treatment. The patient has to endure several months of discomfort with sensitive skin and cover the appearance of red skin with foundation.

Non-ablative laser treatment stimulates changes in the skin without damaging the epidermis. This type of laser treatment for less severe acne scars works. Heating works sebaceous glands to reduce sebum production and stimulates collagen to fill depressed areas. Non-ablative laser treatment is very popular because it has few side effects and recovery is quick.

Laser treatment for acne scars can be successful in different results. Always consult your dermatologist who will perform a full medical analysis based on your medical history, condition and location of scars and other factors before deciding on a suitable type of acne scar treatment.

Since acne scar laser treatment often requires multiple treatment sessions, the cost can be quite high, running into several thousands of dollars for the entire treatment period. The results also vary with each individual, not only by the nature or severity of acne scars is different for each person, but also that different people react differently to treatment. Some who are lucky enough that the skin heals well while others may see little improvement or worse skin condition after treatment.

Expectations perfect skin after laser treatment are unrealistic. The skin is very unlikely to cure to the original point of flawless skin. At best, the acne scars are minimized and lightened to give a better appearance. Perhaps the best remedy is to seek early medical attention before having acne problems in the bud. This will reduce the chances of acne scarring even permanent acne scar laser treatment may not be able to get rid satisfactorily.

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