The Shocking Secret About Good Health - Not What You Think

You may think that there are many factors involved in the quest for optimal health, but really it comes down to three simple concepts: mind, body and spirit.

Our mind tries to make everything so complicated when in fact it is so simple.

Let’s start with the mind.
For one reason or another, the mind likes to constantly jump between the past and the future. The thoughts that roll on the head are just amazing. Make a point of observing your thoughts for one day, trust me you will be surprised with what comes with.

Healing starts with a positive attitude. By remaining positive, you are feeding every cell in your body the energy to a higher vibration. Remember, increased vibration can penetrate less vibration, but less vibration can not penetrate a high vibration. In other words, holding a higher vibration (positive), will stop someone else’s negativity (less vibration) to reach you. When you decide to make a conscious effort to improve their health, a positive attitude goes a long way, to decide to be positive too.

Take time out of your day to sit and relax and just think about that moment. For every negative thought enters your mind, think of two positive.

Here lies the body. It starts with nutrition. There’s a reason people say you are what you eat, you really are.

Eating and drinking is vital for our busy lives. We need proper nutrition to keep our body functioning properly. We complain of no energy, weight loss or gain, feelings of depression, stress, etc. , but to see what we eat!

So, really, how can we complain when it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves?

Of course, conditioned by the media and parents who did not know any better themselves, we have been caught in this inappropriate and in last instance harmful thinking with regard to food. But it’s time to take responsibility for ourselves.

Now let’s talk about supplements. The bottom line is, because of our lack of love for the land, we have exhausted our soil of essential nutrients. Our fruits and vegetables have the same amount of nutrients when our ancestors did when the power of the earth. The recommended serving of fruits and vegetables per day has increased 8-10. I do not know about you, but no way I can eat that much in one day. That is why supplements are so important.

Make sure you’re getting nothing but the best in quality, shop around, do your research uses.

Another factor impacting our physical body is the trauma. For example, surgery can bring past knee arthritis later. Proper nutrition and supplements can help in healing his knee to prevent arthritis later in life.

Finally, spirituality. No matter what you believe, as long as it brings peace, love and joy. Take time before bedtime to meet with what you believe in and communicate with him. He speaks from the heart. That’s your best magazine.

So let’s recap . . . .

1. Practice positive thinking.
2. Eat well and take your supplements.
3. Talk and spend time with what you believe in.

What is the secret to good health? Keep it simple! Remember how simple things when you were a child? Perhaps that is the key to being young at heart.

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