The Secret of the disorder scare celebrities Death

I mean disorder called anxiety and panic attacks and millions of people suffer in silence this disease every day of their lives. As panic and anxiety attacks have been around for years and years there has been a recent increase in the last decade.

This disorder can cause a person to have a sudden wave of intense physical feelings of nervousness associated with chest tightness, racing heartbeat Ansiedad heart skip beats, sweaty palms, numbness in the face or other body parts.
A feeling of choking or can not breathe properly. What is really scary is also the person that can not also be an intense feeling of unreality and the impending doom or death.

Many of these panic attack symptoms can mimic a heart attack, and often people are rushed to the hospital only to find that they are having a panic attack.

Most triggers panic attack are caused by stress is reflected in social factors such as job stress, relationships, parenting, or health issues. However, there are certain foods and medications that can cause anxiety and panic attacks as caffeine is found in coffee, tea, soda and recreational drugs, like pot, meth, crack.

As you know Heart are often subject to long periods of intense stress associated with their schedules and lifestyles that often can strain their relationships with their spouses, domestic partners, other family members and business and not It is also surprising that drug use.

By combining all these factors allowed celebrities in an upper arm to be sensitive to panic and anxiety attacks compared with those who may not have quite so much to deal with on a daily basis. Although many professionals working parents, stay at home moms and others are often fraught with anxiety and panic attacks as well.

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