The Power Of Belief And A Positive Mindset

Have you ever wondered why you can follow a program of weight loss or a new diet, and have to work very well the first time to try it, just to go off the diet for a holiday or a weekend week or vacation, only to find it does not work when they resume?

What about the new diet that is the buzz of the office, or the latest celebrity endorsed the program? Why it worked so well for some but not for others?

Is it because some people cheat and not others? Is due to factors beyond our control, such as genetics or metabolism or lifestyle?

While these are factors that are part of the equation for weight loss, I would suggest that there is more.

Everyone knows that to lose weight you have to eat less and exercise more right? It’s what our family Doctor ‘s been told again and again, but never hear I lost 100 pounds just by eating less and exercising more!

Think about the last new diet or weight loss program Has heard.

It started as an idea, someone who believes in and then received the results, that someone else heard it and believe in, and tried, and the results achieved, and so on and so on!

When for the first time to a new diet our conviction and motivation are strong, so mcontraene our minds focused on our food and activity choices, so follow the rules, and get results, and changes begin.

For people who have a small amount of weight to lose, this is often enough to get back to a healthy weight, but for those of us who need to lose more weight, can keep switching from diet to diet in looking for the answer to our problem long term.

So, how can we use this knowledge to our advantage?

Are we left with a change in diet dieting dieting to lose weight? NO!

What we have to do is use a plan that addresses the problem from various angles.

The plan should include a method for reducing calories, include support and education, encouraging exercise, include a maintenance program to maintain weight, and help maintain our high motivation. Addressing all these areas will help keep our motivation and focus we need to make changes to our lifestyle.

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