The Most Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care Results

Anti aging skin care research has advanced beyond poisons, irritants and chemicals. Instead of investing in laser treatments, cosmetic surgery or Botox injections, you can actually find the support your body’s natural ability to repair skin damage.

New Zealand researchers have discovered a natural protein in wool that can be used by the body to create new collagen and elastin.
They have called functional keratin. Many products claim to contain keratin, but the shape is not sufficiently similar to the skin’s own keratin, which is ineffective.

Collagen is the loss of the reason we get wrinkles and lines on your face. If your body can stimulate the growth of new collagen, then your face look younger, the lines will be reduced and will basically wrinkles disappear.

Elastin is a protein that exists at high levels in the bodies of young people. As we age, lower levels and get lower. In clinical trials, researchers found that the new functional structure Keratin stimulated the growth of collagen and elastin levels increase. Therefore, wrinkles disappear slowly. They also found another advantage.

The patented anti aging skin care product is an invisible layer that immediately reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles effectively filling in. It’s like a movie that bends light to see the face causing softer immediately. But there’s more.

With scientific studies, researchers and developers showed truly functional Keratin stimulates the production of new skin cells. They have determined that this is due to a natural mineral that when the protein content linked to body tissue regenerates.

It may sound like science fiction at first, but you just have to understand how the body works. From the day we are born, our cells are constantly and harmful constant need of repair. Most repairs to go while we are sleeping. It is only as they get older they see the process slows down. Work continues, but not as good as it used to.

Many companies release products quickly, without making judgments and complete studies. Since, anti-aging skin care products are cosmetic, drugs or dietary supplements, concerns about the long-term effects on health is lower. So they rush to production without doing research.

The company responsible for the development of functional Keratin and anti aging line of skin care should include those who have sponsored more research and clinical trials that pharmaceutical companies use before the release of new drugs. These are some of the results.

After 3 days the proliferation of skin cells increased as much as 160. After 18 days, there was an 14 improved moisture retention. During the 18 days, there was an 42 improved skin elasticity.

After a couple of hours, there was an increase of 27 in the hydration and elasticity. Normally this would not last long, but after 24 hours, there was still 22 increase. a cream base with inactive ingredients for comparison was used and found that the moisturizing effect typical of most creams lasts less than five hours.

For me and for you, this means that the future of anti-aging skin care is here at this time. We may have fewer wrinkles and younger for the rest of our lives.

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