The Main Causes Of Hair Loss, How to Stop It And Experience How Regrowth

In this article you will discover the cause of your hair loss, how to stop it, and how the experience regrowth.

With all the poor advice about hair loss it’s time you learned the truth. If the steps in this article apply gives you a better chance of keeping your hair, thickening it, and even cause regeneration.
If you really want to stop your hair loss as soon as possible, then you owe it to yourself to read and apply the information in this article . . .

The main cause of hair loss

Let’s start with the basics. The DHT hormone (often known as aging hormone) directly results in the loss of hair by destroying the hair follicles. However, contrary to popular myth, NOT testosterone causes DHT production. Estrogen is the hormone that causes the overproduction of DHT. Therefore, to stop hair loss and destruction of follicles you need to reduce the level of estrogen in your body.

– Estrogen – DHT – Hair Loss

So what causes the production or synthesis of estrogen in the body?

There is a simple answer to that – toxic chemicals.

You’re causing hair loss chemicals are mainly found in 2 hair loss
1) pollution in the environment, for example, car fumes.
2) chemical in foods, for example, preservatives and additives substances.

It is an interesting fact that hair loss is much more common in modern Western societies than in more primitive cultures, where pollution and food handling is virtually nonexistent.

So how do you do to manage these two areas?
1) pollution – Now, unless you go live in a non-contaminated area (rural or think less polluted country), then you need to be able to handle the pollution your body is exposed. This can be done by strengthening the liver so that (being the main detoxifying organ) can neutralize the pollution before it is converted into estrogen. Ok, to do that you must take what is called a liver cleanser. There are many good online available to collect.
2) Chemicals in food – While strengthening the liver help neutralize toxic chemicals in food, you should try to eat organic foods as much as possible as well.

The last step

There is one last thing you need to do to stop your hair loss. While reducing your estrogen stops the production of DHT, you will still have existing (contraguo) DHT left on your scalp. This will have to be removed as soon as possible. Without doing so will continue to lose their hair.

Therefore, you need to use an agent for suppressing DHT to do this last vital work. Now there are many very expensive DHT removing agents on the market, but you can actually make at home for a fraction of the cost Either way is effective in removing the DHT.

These 3 steps are the best way to stop your hair loss as soon as possible and gain thicker hair regrowth and even experience.

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