The Hair Fall - Great Tips To Reduce Hair Loss

The good health of hair increases overall personality of an individual. It also reflects the health of the individual.

Most people are not lucky enough to have healthy, thick and shiny.
There are several reasons for this. One of the main reasons is that the hair does not receive adequate attention from the beginning. If you neglect your hair long, which in turn brittle and the final result is split ends and dandruff. This ultimately results in hair loss.

According to several studies, the main cause of hair loss is genetic. Other factors are:
a) Poor diet
b) Excessive hair dye
c) The hormonal deficiencies
d) Vitamin Deficiencies
e) Other health problems
f) The physical stress
g) Emotional stress
Hair loss is not fatal. However, this results in large negative impact on the overall personality. One may also feel depressed. Here are some great tips to reduce hair loss help you combat this problem.
a) Diet
The most important thing to remember is that diet plays an important role in developing healthy scalp and hair. You need to focus on a nutritious diet including all essential vitamins and minerals. Try to include a wide ccontradad green, leafy vegetables, cereal grains, raw oats, dates, eggs and raisins in your daily diet schedule.
Hair consists of proteins. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on high-protein diet to take good care of it. Including wheat germ, calf liver and yeast. They try to include the outer covers of potatoes, cucumbers, red and green peppers how are you are rich in silica which is important for maintaining the strength and beauty of hair. Vitamin E is also important to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.
b) Wash system
The cleaning system should be based on your hair type. If you have oily hair, you may need a daily shampoo. People with dry hair can be washed twice a week. Make sure you do not use too hot or too cold water to wash your hair. Use your finger tips to clean and massage your hair.
c) Combing
Always use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair. The comb should be used downstream. Wood or tortoise shell comb are good. Wet hair and wet hair is more vulnerable to rupture is comb.
d) Hair drying
Dry natural hair. Dryer can damage your hair.
e) Conditioner
Use a good conditioner to protect your hair from harsh effects of the sun, sea water and chlorine. Also wear a cap when going out in the sun, chlorinated water and pollution.
f) Sleeping pattern
Comb your hair while going to bed and remove all bands and clips. If possible, use a satin pillow.
g) Chemicals
Stay away from color permanent hair perms.
h) Alcohol and smoking
Avoid drinking alcohol and snuff products for overall health of hair.

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