The 5 Most Common Allergens - Thimerosal

The substance chemical preservative thimerosal (ethylmercury-containing and thiosalicylate) is a light colored crystalline powder found in infcontrales vaccines, makeup and personal care products. Other products that contain it are contratoxinas, ophthalmology and otolaryngolic medications, topical and intramuscular steroid preparations and intradermal tests.

If thimerosal is used in adults and children with autism who can produce undesirable side effects.
These patients and their families, should consider alternative methods of immunization and this is encouraged by doctors (also recommended that siblings of people with autism should take similar precautions). Needless to say, anyone who suffers from autism must avoid thimerosal and thiscan are in composing, personal care products and medicines such as throat sprays and eye drops.

Common products in this preservative is present (but not limited to) are:

Contact lens solutions, eye ointments, eye drops, contratoxinas, antibiotics ointments, nose drops, free cleaning soap, cosmetics, moisturizers eye, to remove make up, desensitization solutions and tuberculin test.

Contact dermatitis North America Group indicates that in the United States, an allergy to thimerosal is rated as the 5th most common allergens that affect people. The removal of thimerosal from everyday life is practically possible, but no daily exposure can be reduced by using products without him.

In many cases, thimerosal allergy occurs only in the skin and people with allergies to develop a rash could an injection is performed reactions. They may also develop conjunctivitis extreme if the condom is used in contact lens solutions used.

People seem to face greater risks to an allergy to thimerosal are cooks, women and health workers – increasing thimerosal allergic reactions among these groups could be due to increased exposure. The preservative is present in many products and vaccines have been forced to use.

Other names that thimerosal is known as: Mercuochrome, Merthiolate, Merzonin, ethylmercurithiosalicylate sodium Mertorgan, Merfamin, Thiomersalan, Thimerosal, and Thiomersalate – is by no means a complete list of chemical names used to thimerosal.

There may be no obvious side effects or allergic reactions to this preservative in people are not allergic to it, but the question invites – how, or that exposure to this preservative in their products for personal care, vaccines and antibiotics eventually affect their bodies?

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