Sweet Dreams For Asthmatics

One of an asthmatic worst enemies hiding in his pillow! The dust mite, a small eight-legged insects related to spiders are found everywhere-in pillows, mattresses, quilts, upholstery, carpets, and dust in the air and on objects. Their translucent bodies are only about 250 microns long and require at least a 10x magnifying glass to see. They thrive on dead skin cells from humans and pets.

Dust mites are not parasites and do not carry diseases. They are generally not harmful to humans, except for the many asthma and allergy-prone people who are susceptible thereto and their waste products. Living only three weeks, especially love the warm, damp environments. Testing for dust mites is not particularly valuable, as they are there! It is estimated that over two years pillow contains at least 10 weight of the dead mites and their excreta. A typical mattress may contain anywhere from 100,000 to ten million dust mites dead.

Although it is impossible to eradicate dust mites in your home, the allergen load can be significantly reduced by a good spring cleaning, especially in the bedroom. Bed linens should be washed in hot water at least every one to two weeks. Avoid feather pillows and duvets-besides the possibility of being allergic to feathers tend to trap moisture, creating the exact environment that dust mites prefer. Get urethane foam or rubber foam pillows and cover both pillows and pillow encasings tightly woven. Use multiple thinner blankets that will be easier to wash thicker quilts. Look for the certified asthma friendly linens that are free of chemicals and dyes and have a higher thread count and small pore size. Do not make the bed! Leave the clothes to dry in the air during the day instead of capturing moisture.

Avoid carpets and upholstery and diffuse easily washable throw rugs use on hard floors. Keep the temperature in the home below 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Air conditioning will help keep the cooler and drier, home despite avoid swamp coolers type that increase moisture. Asthmatics should have someone else vacuum, whenever possible, such as dust mites stirring in the air and can float for up to thirty minutes. If this is not feasible, a mask should use a vacuum with a HEPA or high filtration bag filter used. The decrease of disorder and knickknacks collect dust which is useful. Avoid stuffed animals asthmatic children beds or make sure they are washable. If they are not washable, placing them in an airtight bag in the freezer overnight will kill any living dust mites but not get rid of waste dust mites. Following these simple steps will keep asthmatics breathe easier and sleep well!

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