Stop Anxiety Attacks - 5 Practical Tips

I have suffered from anxiety attacks for years, and I found some advice during that time they have helped me to stop them every time I felt like I’ll have one soon. I know how terrifying anxiety attacks are, that’s why I’m going to share these thoughts with you today.

Before reaching the tips however, I want to remember that anxiety attacks are not medically harmful or dangerous, although you may feel all the symptoms like shortness of breath, the beating of your heart may accelerate, dizziness, and many more.

5 tips to stop anxiety attacks

Every time you feel a next anxiety attack, distract yourself. Look at the funny films on anxiety play your favorite music and dance to anxiety go out and take a walk, call a friend and talk to him about anything, but his anxiety attack. It is important to do something you enjoy to get your mind off the anxiety attack.

Stay calm and try not to breathe too fast (hyperventilating), which can cause an imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood, making you feel dizzy. If you catch yourself breathing too fast, get a paper bag and breathe in the bag. This in equilibrium oxygen levels again.

It is a simple but effective advice: Splash your face with cold water. This will help you calm down.

Learn muscle relaxation technique such as yoga or progressive muscle relaxation. It will help to relax your muscles. If the muscles are relaxed and not need the most amount of oxygen as when I was tight. This will also slow down your breathing, your heart rate, and blood pressure go down.

Get proper treatment. This is the most important tip. All these tips will not help cure your anxiety attacks, but only stop them for a while. It is extremely important to understand how anxiety attacks happen and how it can be cured forever. See a psychotherapist or get a self-help course.

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