Smoking and its effects on ear infections

While ear infections are a common disease, there are factors that can increase your chance of getting this painful disease. One of the worst risk factor is smoking. Studies have shown that cigarette smoke increases the likeliness of developing ear infection symptoms.
This article discusses the causes, the dangers of smoking and the risk of recurrence of the symptoms of infection will be discussed.

The causes

For the purposes of this article we will discuss only middle ear infections, otitis media medically speaking, the most common among children. The symptoms of this disease are caused when bacteria or virus enters the ear canal through a tube in the nose, Eustachian tube. This usually happens when the child has a cold or a virus that causes the thickening of mucus, which encourages the growth of bacteria. Once the bacteria moves to the middle ear channels, growth is an infection. It may be a few days before the typical Orejas Audiencia fever, ear pain, drainage of fluid from the ear, are evident.

Does smoking can increase the chance

As mentioned, the thickening of the nasal mucus in step promotes the growth and propagation of bacteria in the ear canal. Cigarette smoke is irritating to the nasal passage. In response, as with any they irritate the nose defense (mucus) accumulate. This defense against cigarette smoke is what brings the bacteria or virus to her child in the auditory canal. Studies have shown that the presence of cigarette or snuff, smoke may increase the chance of getting an ear infection in children and 48 to 80 in infants.

Another way cigarette smoke affects your child’s risk of getting sick is by suppressing the immune system. For a long time it has been shown that cigarette smoke decreases the effectiveness of the immune system and is generally accepted that secondhand smoke has the same effect on those around them. Therefore, repeated or prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke may make it harder for your child’s body fight infection.

The dangers of recurrent infections

Not only the smoke increases the chance of a child receiving an ear infection, but also significantly increases the likelihood that they will get it again and again. While the average number of children may suffer from otitis media three times before the age of six, a child living in a household with a parent who smokes suffers an average of eight. That’s a big difference.

Aside from the pain that comes with ear infections, frequent reoccurence can cause several complications to a young child. Probably the most worrying is the hearing loss that can come after several instances. This is rare, but more likely whenever the child experiences infection symptoms. A doctor may recommend ear tubes for a child with many reoccurence. Finally, cases of prolonged balance problems diagnosed in children who have experienced many ear infections.

For all these reasons, and common sense, it is vital to avoid smoking around your child. It is also important to avoid exposure to secondhand smoke as much as possible to avoid the areas where smoking is common and not allow family and friends to smoke at home.

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