Skin Care Hygiene and Acne Control

It is a common belief among people who are concerned about acne that dirt is one of the main causes of it, the fact is that dirt is not the main cause of acne while helping to increase the severity allergies and skin reactions the problem can be eliminated simply taking a daily shower and regulate the performance of hygiene routines.

Needless to say that keeping our body clean is essential when fighting acne, breathing is a very basic process is not only performed by our lungs but by our skin and the outer layers of our skin get oxygen directly the environment, if the soil layer is present at the time they are trying to breathe there will obviously be complications as the ccontradad oxygen necessary to maintain healthy cellular function is not present.

The first page of acne development is the appearance of pimples, most people get the idea that dirt is the direct cause of acne, because obviously see the dirty pimples, but this is not the case, the area of black head black inside is because that Keratine is oxidized in their blocks the pore breathing duct.

Facial cleansers are used to remove dirt from hair follicles in order to prevent complications during an acne outbreak in some cases dirt penetrates through the pores and is almost impossible to reach it without using a combination of a gentle face cleanser and soap. Most cleaners that are intended to treat acne problems contain some level of benzoyl peroxide which kills bacteria that causes irritation and infections.

If the bacterium has entered the pores causing inflammation, and causing the hair follicles narrower tallow preventing expulsion, if this bacterium is mixed with sebum and third, the combination may result in the birth of one Whitehead which may be accompanied by skin redness and pain.

If you regularly suffer from acne it is recommended for you to bypass your towel after cleaning the affected area, towels may contain bacteria which contributes to infections and t may worsen your skin condition. In addition, if you use some kind of compensating it is always a great idea to wash before going to bed because our body temperature rises slightly when we are asleep, that makes our skin sweat and if the mixture a layer of cosmetics is present of these materials, sweat, and a slight increase in temperature are the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow.

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