Self-Tanner was nail solution Summer Vacation El Sol?

As a solution to the scorching summer sun, I have examined the company Au Courant and self-tanning products as a viable alternative to the annoying, harmful UV rays.

Lighting your look with a sparkly glow has to be a summer must. With 25 years of experience in the beauty business behind her, Susan Horrell has created an exclusive line for self-tanning industry.
Hundreds of celebrities have to thank Susan firm radiance. Whether it is Tinkerbelle or Jennifer Aniston, all aspire to have a beautiful, healthy complexion ethereal up and down. Summer is a must go hand in hand and swimming, movies and stars at night. Something about a healthy glowing complexion, who bewitches us all, that evokes the innocence intrigue and without speaking a word.

Au Courant has made things simple for the consumer, the labeling of formulas in different degrees of tan and brightness, so you can determine how dark or how light you want your glow to be. The mousse is foam and comes with a sponge applicator, which makes a simple and clean petition, which definitely offers a moderate tan. Your bronzer with SPF is waterproof and is designed so that the girl already has a base tan summer. Tanner free spray is probably the mildest ccontradad of colors, lighter tones of skin better suits cases, without overdoing it, or make you charming orange Oompa Loompa. The sun face gel can be used as a makeup primer due to the consistency of soft gel, and is ideal for under their full face of makeup, or even tanning field in the high points of the face. Day or night these tones suit most skin types and provide additional protection from the strong summer sun.

There is something for the fair complexioned individual, who wants a beige glow, all the way to the deepest vixen who wants a little more black chocolate. How can we do that, possibly through steam this summer without a little shine?

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