Self-mutilation or self-abuse - Why you should stop is done urgently

If you hurt your own body regularly, you do not feel pain the same way as a person who has never felt such attitudes. You are callous and cold.

If you are insensitive, they are very dangerous for the environment, because it will hurt others in the same way you it hurts, feeling nothing.

You are a rebel and violent creature, which is in constant suffering.

This violence is directed at his own body, but can easily be turned against another person. It has no barrier, nothing prevents you to cut a body and cause bloodshed. It’s something we do every day, so they have no fear of it.

You may believe that never do anything against anybody, but how can you be sure?

What if you are attacked by someone? What if they kill someone in self-defense because they are used to handling a knife?

This would be tragic, even if the person you kill is a terrible murderer, because you do not have the right to kill anyone and the burden of being a murderer you will torture you for life.

Moreover, even if never hurt others but keep getting hurt, what will manage to do at the end? How many wounds to endure, and for how long?

Do not you think that one day you can visit the point where you feel you can not stand this life and you decide to end their martyrdom?

You are reflecting the pain in his own body. This reflection can only have negative results on their psychology. Think about it: you look yourself in the mirror and see a lot of injuries, which were made by his own hands, when I was in despair.

This is you, your image.

How do you feel when you look at yourself, self-maimed?

You do not feel totally lost and deeply depressed?

You have to do something about that urgently! Stop cutting and burning his body today, even if they are panicky.

Panic immediately if they are tough and horrible feeling just take a while. It can not last forever.

Be strong! Stop maul today and start a new life, where peace and happiness is real, even if you speak only a fairy tale.

The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams will guide you and show you how you can overcome your neurosis and depression, regain their life and development of the positive aspects of his personality.

Life can be too mean, but can also be an extraordinary experience that will bring wisdom and self-satisfaction.

Think of the difference . . .

You’re a poor self-mutilation creature on the edge of the maze of madness. Why, if you can be happy with yourself, and help the world to correct all the mistakes that always repeats itself for centuries?

You could be a strong and happy person, and solve all their problems and all the problems of this crazy world, if I was self-confident and had fully developed his personality.

Why not start taking notes of your dreams? This new life is still waiting for you!

Maul you stop and start building your future, away from the madness and despair.

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