Related acne Prostate Cancer?

While doing some research I found an interesting acne study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Medicine. It proposes that could be a link between severe acne and prostate cancer in men.

The main reason the study was conducted was to investigate existing research showing that the Propionibacterium acnes (P.
acnes) bacteria was present in one third of prostate tissue samples taken from men with prostate cancer.

The report concluded that men who had been using tetracycline (an antibiotic prescribed for severe acne) for more than four years were 70 more likely to develop prostate cancer over a period of 10 years than men who had never taken the drug or that he had taken for less than four years.

The reason they give the possibility of a link between acne and prostate cancer than men who have suffered severe acne may have a greater response to P. acnes, which causes inflammation when present in the prostate.

The study team say it is unlikely tetracycline, by itself, increase the risk of prostate cancer risk, because there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that tetracycline may be present in the gland.

The main point here is that the study suggests a link between acne and prostate cancer, but the authors argue that further research should be done to back up the results.

Other studies will need to include more men, more details of what they regard as severe acne and take into account other causes of prostate cancer.

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