Quit Smoking Cold Turkey - Is The Way To Go?

Everyone quit peddling products that claim to stop cold turkey is a painful and useless way to quit smoking. And your chances of quitting successfully climbs if you just use one of its products.

Here you will find all kinds of spouted statistics on success rates of various products.
But without a little more explanation, these facts do not make sense. Does the average rate of a controlled study or a real world? Is two weeks after completing the program or two years later?

The only important figure is the number of real people in real life situations that have quit smoking for good. Most of those statistics do not say those numbers.

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 90 former smokers quit using the ‘cold turkey’ or method of gradual reduction in their use of cigarettes. This goes against the figures given by people who have some kind of quitting products to sell.

Does this mean that these products do not work at all? Not really. But what nobody really means is that the most important to quit smoking successfully factor is determining which one is trying to quit. The higher is the highest determination are the chances of successful quitting. The product could help ease through certain situations, but the determination is available through all of them.

Therefore, if you are thinking about quitting cold turkey or with help, take a step back and really think about why you want to quit. Try to measure your determination. And if you do not think that is strong enough then try to find a way to increase.

Do not look for factors like how much healthier logic will be a time to quit. Because while it might be true, it will not increase your level of determination. But playing with your emotions. Look for emotional reasons to quit, just as proud of their son will be good and how they make you feel. Emotional reasons like this are better able to exponentially increase logical determination that you never will.

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