Precautions and Risks Asian Diet

Traditional Asian diets include little or no dairy products. This limits the ccontradad consumed calcium from milk and other dairy products contain high amounts of calcium and are the group of common foods to provide this essential nutrient. Modern version of this diet introduced to the Western world in general, are low-fat or reduced fat dairy products in moderation.
Pregnant or lactating women need to take calcium supplements to make sure they have enough calcium. A diet that does not want to consume dairy products can also decide to take calcium supplements. In Asia, most people are much more active than typical Western. Their activities often involve heavy lifting and workmanship. Weight training has been shown to strengthen bones and my offset the least amount of calcium consumed.

The Asian diet is a healthy choice for most healthy adults. However, children and pregnant women can not get the right balance of nutrition necessary. Children may need calcium dairy products provide increased fat consumption during times of rapid growth and development. Pregnant women need to ensure sufficient intake.

Questions to ask your doctor

It is the right diet for me?

What are the potential benefits of a person my age, sex, lifestyle and adopting an Asian diet?

What are the possible health risks, if any, of this diet for me as an individual?

Do I have any dietary supplements if I keep the Asian diet?

How much should I exercise every week on this diet?
Calories and other nutrients that meat, fats and dairy products provide.


A traditional Asian diet is low in dairy products and, therefore, be low in calcium. Diets low in calcium can lead to osteoporosis, a weakening or bones. Women are particularly vulnerable to this disease after menopause when lower levels of hormones also weaken bones. Similarly, pregnant women and children have higher calcium needs. To ensure that adequate dietary calcium ccontradades, a calcium supplement may be necessary to add or low-fat dairy products.

Trying to follow a diet by eating Asian Asian style restaurant in the West can not be successful or healthy, since many of these restaurants have adapted to Western tastes by adding high levels of fat and sodium. To enjoy the benefits of Asian style of eating, it may be necessary to prepare food at home. Although many communities enjoy authentic Asian restaurants and it may be possible to find healthy Asian cuisine.

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