Pre Shave Oil Explained

What happens in the pre-shaving oil?

Natural oils that are low in fat factor, such as coconut, sunflower, olive or other oils extracted from plants can be considered the best oils to use. These oils do not clog skin pores and cause problems razor.

Grape seed oil, safflower oil, vitamin A and E, castor oil and can be suspended in a lush base of sweet almond oil and peanut oil.
The oils are mixed carefully to garcontrazar the effective properties and the richness of its aromas.

Why use oil shave before?

There are many reasons some of which are listed below:
Intended to be used as a base and applied before lathering, pre-shave oil will provide the maximum protection of the knife especially for those with ultra-sensitive skin.

Shaving oils lubricate and moisturise your face provides the perfect base to close a shave comfortable, which resulted in a pain-free shave with no razor burn, rashes or dry skin, skin blemishes.

It also leaves your face conditioned and hydrated.

It will soften facial hair and open the pores of skin to garcontrazar one close shave.

Ultra-light grape seed oil contains vitamins, minerals and proteins that skin tone.

Vitamin A and E antioxidants properties soften and smooth the skin.

Safflower promotes cell growth and healthy skin mcontraene turnover .

The castor oil analgesic properties have been used for centuries as a skin clarifier.

The oils that the hair stand to facilitate cutting and to create an elegant surface of the razor to glide through.

How to apply before shaving oil

Put 3-4 drops in the palm of your hand, then gently ‘slap’ both palms together for 1-2 seconds before massage the oil on the face. Do not rub the palms together or for too long as oil is then massaged into the palm of your hand and not in your face. Let the oil work for at least 1 minute before applying the foam. Use this minute to wash the oil from your hands.

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